1/18 NYPD Interceptor Police WORKING Lights collection

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Here's why the NYPD is the most badass police department in the country
Earlier in the year, the New York Post video team embedded with the NYPD Counter Terrorism unit and Critical Response Command to see how the department bolsters security when the city is on high alert in order to prevent potential terrorist attacks.

caddy on fire
toy car on fire

Model Car Police Chase! 194 Photo Animation
194 photos to make the cars move & stuff, took soooooo long!

NYPD Demonstrating The Rumbler
In New York City, the NYPD is testing the Rumbler siren on some of its vehicles. The low frequency sound is deafening and can even be heard and felt in homes and apartments with the windows closed. The NYPD is considering whether to initiate an "education campaign" so that the public will not be afraid of it. http://www.noiseoff.org