VW Lupo GTI - "Bergrennen"

Lupo Gti Testfahrt auf einer ehemaligen Seifenkistenbergstrecke.

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Lupo GTI on Jenvey ITBs
Lupo GTI on Jenvey ITBs (Individual throttle bodies) and Motec Management. The car is not mine. I filmed it, it is a friends car. It is the first Lupo GTI to run throttle bodies, it looks slow as it is a 1.6 litre engine, that has been mapped with a flat torque curve to protect a 90k 6 speed gearbox. When mapped hardcore, this set up could give an extra 20bhp without breaking a sweat. The lad was still pretty young we he built is, now he owns a Lotus 111R (and yes, it came with Lotus driver training lol) The video was made to show other Lupo fan's how good the GTI can sound. Thanks to all the 46'000 viewers, moderating the comments has been a little too much so I apologise I have added comment approval. Thanks for watching.