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VW Lupo GTI - "Bergrennen"

Lupo Gti Testfahrt auf einer ehemaligen Seifenkistenbergstrecke.


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Saison 2010

VW Golf GTI 1.8T - Nürburgring Nordschleife (Grüne Hölle) - "Blue Devil"
Eine Runde Nordschleife in einem Golf 4 1.8T GTI 20V GT2860RS mit Karte und den Namen der Streckenabschnitte

Lupo GTI 1.8 20V Turbo

Lupo GTI on Jenvey ITBs
Lupo GTI on Jenvey ITBs (Individual throttle bodies) and Motec Management. The car is not mine. I filmed it, it is a friends car. It is the first Lupo GTI to run throttle bodies, it looks slow as it is a 1.6 litre engine, that has been mapped with a flat torque curve to protect a 90k 6 speed gearbox. When mapped hardcore, this set up could give an extra 20bhp without breaking a sweat. The lad was still pretty young we he built is, now he owns a Lotus 111R (and yes, it came with Lotus driver training lol) The video was made to show other Lupo fan's how good the GTI can sound. Thanks to all the 46'000 viewers, moderating the comments has been a little too much so I apologise I have added comment approval. Thanks for watching.

Top Gear Lupo GTi

TopGear - Lupo TDI & Lupo Sport - M25
TopGear episode with the Lupo TDI and the Lupo Sport. Comparing Diesel and Petrol around the M25.

Lupo Sport Showreel
My car...part 2

VW,VolksWagen,IHI,Lupo,"Awesome GTI",GTI,"Full Stainless Exhaust","Big Turbo",De-Cat,S3
VW VolksWagen IHI lupo awesome gti "full stainless Exhaust" "big turbo" turbo,De-cat,S3

VW Lupo -- Sound Tuning - 2/2
Some Sound Tuning on my VW Lupo -- 2007 -- Part 2

Mein Lupo 2008
Mein Lupo ready for saison 2008

VW Lupo
Mein Lupo Umbau 2007-2008

BMW Z4 vs Lupo GTI
Klatsche von Flo kassiert

VW Lupo mit Bastuck Anlage 2
Bastuck mittig mit 2mal 76 mm DTM!

Lupo W12 engines start
Paljenje motora i "lagana" turaža

VW Lupo Gti mit optimierter Abgasanlage únd Fächerkrümmer
Mit optimierter Abgasanlage und Fächerkrümmer....

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1994 Volkswagen GTI : 9.140 @ 164.157
marc hubert, Engine: 2.0 20v, Turbos: bullseyepower AX368 t3 .70a/r Tires: 28x9x15xt m&h

2003 Volkswagen GTI : 9.330 @ 161.000
Mike Pauciullo, Engine: 1.8T , Turbos: Borg Warner S400SX 67mm Tires: 24.5x9.5x13

1988 Volkswagen GTI : 10.030 @ 147.000
Steve Oliveira, Engine: VR6, Turbos: GT40 , now a different

1997 Volkswagen GTI 2.5T AWD: 10.173 @ 146.810
Dominic, Engine: 5cyl 2.5L, Turbos: GT35R Tires: falken ziexx

2012 Volkswagen GTI MK6 DSG: 10.992 @ 133.130
Guy Harding, Engine: APR Rods & pistons, Turbos: APR Stage 3 GT3071 Tires: MT Slicks

2007 Volkswagen GTI MKV: 11.010 @ 131.790
Greg, Engine: 2.0, Turbos: 3076r

1996 Volkswagen GTI : 11.100 @ 133.000
Xspeedracer, Engine: VR6, Turbos: 1 Tires: slicks front stock street rear

2012 Volkswagen GTI Golf MK VI: 11.299 @ 115.050
Vishal Matai, Turbos: K04 Tires: Hoosiers

2010 Volkswagen GTI GIAC Stage 3+: 11.434 @ 130.660
Sam W., Engine: 2.0 TSI, Turbos: GT3071 Tires: M&H Slicks

1998 Volkswagen GTI VR6: 11.679 @ 117.580
Daniel Freiwald, Engine: Stock, Turbos: Kinetics stage 2

2010 Volkswagen GTI AWE/GIAC K04: 11.876 @ 117.090
AWE Tuning, Engine: Stock 2.0T TSI, Turbos: K04-64 Tires: Hoosier DR

2010 Volkswagen GTI AWE/GIAC K04: 11.930 @ 120.310
AWE Tuning, Engine: 2.0T TSI, Turbos: K04-64 Tires: Hoosier DR

2007 Volkswagen GTI MKV 2.0T: 12.020 @ 117.500
Chris Tapp, Engine: 2.0T upgraded rods, Turbos: gt30

2002 Volkswagen GTI 1.8T: 12.390 @ 116.000
Chris Tapp, Engine: stock with upgraded rods, Turbos: 2871R

2015 Volkswagen GTI Emmanuele Design Project GTI l GIAC Stage 2: 12.620 @ 110.720
Emmanuele Design, Engine: Stock, Supercharger: None Turbos: Stock Tires: Hoosier 245/17

1997 Volkswagen GTI VR6: 12.633 @ 114.150
Kevin, Engine: 2.8L VR6, Turbos: T4 Tires: dunlop sp5000 205/55s

2003 Volkswagen GTI : 12.700 @ 116.000
jp, Engine: 1.8t, Turbos: KKK04 Tires: 225 bf drags

2010 Volkswagen GTI AWE/GIAC K04: 12.793 @ 112.650
AWE Tuning, Engine: 2.0T TSI, Turbos: K04-64 Tires: Dunlop Direzza Star Spec 235/40/18

1998 Volkswagen GTI VR6 Turbo: 12.800 @ 117.000
Eric Smith, Engine: VR6, Turbos: SC61

2007 Volkswagen GTI : 12.823 @ 112.050
Brad Roberts, Engine: 2.0t FSI BPY, Turbos: BW K04 Tires: Sumitomo HTR ZIII 225/40-18


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