The Math of the Great Flood

I was surprised to find very few places where the math of Noah's flood was discussed, so I made this video to illustrate the scale of what the bible describes. Seeing it calculated out makes the myth seem a lot more fantastical and less feasible. After researching this video, it became clear to me that the people who wrote this myth originally did not understand how outlandish their claims were at the time, because they didn't know how big the planet was, or how tall the highest mountain was, or how many species there are, or what that much rain looks like. Once you do the equations, you can see that this is all made up. For the ignorant desert tribes during the time of Gilgamesh, there was no danger that anyone would call the authors out, but the people of modern times have no excuse for blindly accepting it.

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Noah's Flood Debunked
Bible Noah's Flood Debunked Credits for a great video to a Potholer54Debunked

The Noah's Ark of Total Bullshit!
Believe it or not, I have never made a Noah's Ark video before - or if I have I have forgotten about it! The Ark: deBunked PS: I mention in the video that Noah had sex with his daughters. Of course that was Lot, not Noah! He did get pissed though, that bit I got right!!! The video of mine I mention 'From Noah to Abraham' which isn't really a Noah/Flood video but mentions some related issues's_largest_wooden_ships

Noah's Ark Debunked
This is a re-hash of my previous video on Noah's Ark. This one is much more comprehensive, well-researched, well-referenced, and well-presented. The real lesson of Noah's Ark has nothing to do with faith, miracles, or forgiveness. Noah's Ark is a humbling demonstration of the raw power of human self-deception. The only question about it is how on Earth anyone can still be stupid enough to take this crap seriously.

Debunking The "Science" Of Noah's Ark
I'm no scientist, but I know enough to know that Ken Ham isn't either. References: Mathematics of Noah's Flood: Ark Encounter: Pig Carcass Video: The Schooner Wyoming: ****DISCLAIMER**** Yes, I know I fucked up the math. I blame Dr. Marty Leipzig for the misprint, and myself for not catching it.