Audi S6 vs Mercedes 500E W124

Beschleunigung aus dem Stand. Audi S6 340PS vs Mercedes W124 500E 326PS.

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W124 E500 vs AUDI S4 2.2 turbo
from 30-200km

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BRABUS 6.5 MB E500 W124 - a living legend
25 years ago, at the beginning of October 1990 at the Paris Motor Show, the premiere of Mercedes-Benz cars in the back of 500 E w124, which later received the nickname that Wolf Wolf. And this was a wolf in sheep's clothing. Outwardly indistinguishable from the civilian version, 500 E was much faster - its 326 hp allowed him to exchange the first hundred in 6.1 seconds. It is not surprising that this car has become a legend. And the starting point for tuning. First, there was the factory version of the Mercedes-Benz AMG E60, which was more powerful than the original model by 55 hp .. And secondly, many tuners have presented their version of the "top". In this video - one of the versions from the company BRABUS. Generally, the company has released a large number of versions of the 124th, but the model BRABUS 6.5 MB E500 positioned very high. Judge for yourself - 6.5 liters of volume, 450-hp, 5.1 seconds to hundreds of 285 km / h maximum speed. One of the fastest sedans of the time! However, is not the most. In line Brabus was another totally crazy model based on the W124 E500 and she called BRABUS E7.3 / V12. As the name implies, under the hood there was a 12-cylinder monster M120 volume of 7.3 liters and output of 530 hp! But on this car we'll tell another time. If you like our channel and you have the desire and ability - you can donate funds for the development of the channel. Thank you. Subscribe: #w124 #mercedes124 #brabus #e500

Bergwerks Nitrous W124 500E Drag Race 12.794 @ 110.82 MPH
My Nitrous injected 500E running a 12.794 1/4 mile at Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, CA. on Dec. 4th, 2010. Some loss of traction. For more info on the car, go to: -92-500e-pics-videos.html