Race Tundra vs Titan @ Qualcomm Race Legal

Racing Fun in San Diego. Legal Street racing on a short 1/8th mile track. Both trucks were large Crewmax/Cab type and both had CAI and Exhaust. Race was on 11-2010.... This Titan called me out. I always wondered if I could beat a Titan rival. Well I beat this one. He couldn't believe it so we raced again. I can't stop laughing at my burnout.. It didn't look that way from inside the cab.......

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04 Titan vs 08 Tundra 5.7l
Titan Intake, Exhaust(stock Exhaust manifold), UpRev tune Tundra Exhaust and intake mod.

Titan vs tundra
Qualcomm 1/8th mile

Titan bobby vs tundra trd limited
Bobbys titan vs tundra en el hoyo del chobis

08 Nissan Titan vs 08 Toyota Tundra tug o war
2008 Nissan Titan Pro 4-X 5.6L 4x4 with 35s and a 6" fab tech lift. 2008 Toyota Tundra Ltd 5.7L 4x4 with BF Goodrich AT and a Lowrangeoffroad 3" leveling kit The first pull both vehicles in 4 low. Watch the tires. hmmm The second pull the tundra was in 4 hi and the Titan was in 4 low. The conditions were after a 2 day rain, old asphalt parking lot, with a bit of loose pea gravel. We both pulled off the night before in a field but pretty much sat and spun both trucks. Call it a draw. Look for that video too.