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74 Chevy Nova Update 7 - Block sanding Hi build Primer

I did the first block sanding of the Hi Build primer. Heres the results. This shows all the highs and lows in the body work. All imperfections are block sanded down leaving a flatter surface. I also show the blocks I used.


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how to block sand primer with guide coat for finding dents before you kandy paint your car
http://thewetwet.com How to block sand primer with guide coat for finding dents before you paint .... how to eliminate those dings dents and waves prior to painting base or kandy paint.... Remember the "wet wet" is the idea choice for your high solid clear coat needs... we sell kandy also !!!! http://thewetwet.com or call me 1800.972.1593 ext.3 order by phone!!!!! TENN

Cummins Chevy - Bondo cab, high build primer, and seam sealer
Approaching the end of another big step. This Bodywork is taking forever!! But it is looking very nice!!

Block Sanding Tips & Tricks with Kevin Tetz - How To Make Panels Look Great - Eastwood
Visit Eastwood: http://www.eastwood.com Part 1 of 2. In this video Kevin Tetz shows you the difference between sanding and shaping, when to use which grit of sandpaper, and how to use flexible sanding blocks, solid dura-blocks and soft sanders. He also give you some tips and tricks along the way on how to sand curves, edges and rounded fenders. Are You an Eastwood Guy? This video originally aired LIVE on 12/20/13. It also contains a Q&A session at the end. Eastwood has everything you need to do the job right when you're restoring your car, truck or motorcycle - welders, plasma cutters, powder coating supplies, rust solutions, soda and abrasive blasters, paint and paint guns, metal fab tools, air tools, hand tools and more. Since 1978.

Custom Car Painting-Learning To Wet Sand It RIGHT
New Employees Know Everything! http://www.swrnc.com or 972-420-1293

Sanding Primer and guide coat Part 1
I just show you how to sand the primer use the guide coat to find your high and low spots and finish your body work check part 2 for more

Tips and techniques for block sanding
Here are some tips and tricks for block sanding. I've put high-build primer on the car, and now I'm smoothing it out getting ready for paint.

Classic Car Restoration: How To Block Sand Bondo With Air Tools-Part 1
High Spots Low Spots, Tap It Lightly. http://www.swrnc.com or 972-420-1293

Block Sanding a Door Part 2
Block Sanding a Mustang Door Part 2

Painting the Chevy Nova
Throwing that Cherry Red and Gold Pearl at the 74!! My man Brian did the color and the clear for me. All home grown, home built as you can tell!! WATCH AND RATE OUR OTHER VIDS!!!

74 Chevy Nova Update 13 - Hi build primer Doors
I prepped the epoxied doors and sprayed my 2K hi build primer on both sides. Did each side on seperate days. Looking good.

Spray paint / How2 wet sanding : part 2
here in part two i am demonstrating wet sanding primer and the different tools and techniques that i use, to achieve a straight finish for perfect coloring Restolad videos are for reference and entertainment only Even tho they are based on step by step guide - If you attempt a repair like the one seen in this video please use the proper safety equipment,

This video shows advanced blocking techniques designed for sculpting the exterior of a vehicle with complex curves. Paintucation teaches you how! Kevin Tetz is the host.

Muscle Car Restoration-1969 Chevelle SS-Block Sand Primer To Find Dents
This Car is going to be restored right! But will the CLOWN ACT do a good job? http://www.swrnc.com or 972-420-1293

how to block sand with a long board.

How to Choose The Right Primer & When To Use Each Type of Paint - Kevin Tetz at Eastwood
BUY Epoxy Primer Here: http://www.eastwood.com/gray-epoxy-primer-eastwood.html?utm_source=youtube& utm_medium=video&utm_content=primer&utm_campaign=2013-11-13 BUY Self Etch Primer: http://www.eastwood.com/eastwood-s-self-etch-primer-gray.html?utm_source=yo utube&utm_medium=video&utm_content=primer&utm_campaign=2013-11-13 BUY 2K Urethane Primer-Surfacer: http://www.eastwood.com/ew-4-1-urethane-primer-black-and-activator-kit.html ?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_content=primer&utm_campaign=2013-1 1-13 BUY Contour Primer-Surfacer: http://www.eastwood.com/contour-polyester-primer-surfacer-from-eastwood.htm l?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_content=primer&utm_campaign=2013- 11-13 In this video, TV Host and Painting Pro Kevin Tetz shows you the uses for each type of primer, including Epoxy Primer, Self Etching Primer, 2K Urethane Primer-Surfacer and Contour Polyester Primer-Surfacer - all available at Eastwood. Eastwood Contour Polyester Primer Surfacer Item #13522 Contourâ„¢ Sprayable High-Build Primer/Surfacer serves as an excellent base for any paint system 2-component polyester primer/surfacer has excellent filling characteristics and superior adhesion to steel, aluminum, fiberglass, SMC, OE finishes, self-etching primers and body fillers. High build with excellent filling capabilities Easy to sand with no shrinkage Includes hardener Eastwood 4:1 Urethane Primer Black and Activator Kit Item #14007ZP Eastwood's high-build Urethane Primer is a two-component primer surfacer designed for overall jobs. its impressive fill qualities and superior flexibility and adhesion make this a perfect choice over Eastwood's Epoxy Primer or original paint. This primer block sands easily and provides excellent color holdout for all top coats. Mixes 4:1 with 50241 ZP catalyst. May be applied over old paint, body filler & even bare metal. Ideal for block sanding. 4.8 lbs./gallon. Eastwood Gray, White & Black Epoxy Primers Gray, White & Black Epoxy Primer 1:1 primes and seals with excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance Eastwood's Gray, White & Black Epoxy Primers are user-friendly, 2-component primer/sealer that dries fast and maintains good color hold-out on steel, aluminum, fiberglass, body fillers and existing finishes. Gray, White or Black color Easy 1:1 mixing with separate catalyst Sands easily 2-3 days after application Contains no lead, chromate or isocyanates Eastwood Self-Etch Primer Gray Eastwood's Self Etch Primer Gray Brand: Item #16014 In 1 time-saving step, Self-Etching Primers prep bare metal for painting. True acid-etching formula sticks to virtually any clean, bare, rust-free metal to improve adhesion and durability of most non-epoxy top coats. Use to prep aluminum, steel, stainless, scuffed galvanized...makes a great base for high-build primers or spot repairs. 16-oz. aerosol can covers about 10 sq. ft.; quart (pre-thinned for spraying) covers 30 sq. ft.; or buy it by the gallon (120-sq.-ft. coverage) for your best value! Lacquer-based, single-stage formula requires no catalyst Easier to use than other aerosol primers Withstands up to 170 degreesF Not for use with Chassis Black Are You an Eastwood Guy? Since 1978.

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