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Kawasaki H2 750 dragbike

My mostly origional 73 Kaw still doing the job!


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Kawasaki Triple Dragbike - Super Eliminator
A movie about the Super Eliminator drag racing class. The class features Kawasaki H2 and H1 triples, Suzuki GT 750 Water Buffalos, a Polaris Starfire powered dragbike, Yamaha RD 350's and 400's and could have a Suzuki 500 twin racing this year. Photos 1 and 3 at the end are courtesy of Kevin Melling.

Kawasaki H2 100HP Denco Cobra
1st test ride after restoration.. Still have some final adjustments and tuning to do (midrange jetting is way rich), but she's a runner!!!!!!!!


A ride on a Kawasaki 750 H2
a Kawasaki 750 H2 viewed from the rider's seat. http://kawasaki750h2.free.fr

Kawasaki H2 Double Engine - Part 5 (The Ride)
Wow, finally got to ride it!! Not meant to be a world beater, but needed an engineering project.

bad dragbike crashes
Things happen REAL fast on a drag bike,,,,,,,,, sometimes BAD THINGS.

Kawasaki H2 750 2 Stroke Norway
Here we have a early 1970's 750 cc Two Stroke big minger! With it's hi-performance expansion chamber Exhaust pips and stage 3 tuning it has to be one of the fastest stock Kawasaki triple in the world. BAD LANGUAGE while I welcome constructive comments, I will not tolerate foul language, swear words and any racist or other comments which may be deemed offensive to some people If you make any such comments that comment will be removed and you will be reported to YouTube my channel is viewed by young and old alike, please bear this in mind. Kind Regards, John OHanlon.

CB500 Four vs. Kawasaki 750 H2
Honda4Fun at Cereglio 2011 Evening tour together with with Alberto ... enjoy :) Still pictures of my Four: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Rc9eXUC87M Fast ride: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJQ2bT6sJMw *********************************************************

750 Kawasaki Triple 1/4 mile
Camera mounted on the tank at Indy. 9.64 134 m.p.h.


KAWASAKI H2 ゼンシン カスタム コンプリート
Fastest Mach number 3! 150HP engine! Zero Yong nine seconds! More than highest speed 240km/h! Kawasaki Mach number(MACH) It is the general term of the motorcycle series of the on road type having two three stroke cylinder engines which は, Kawasaki Heavy Industries produce it, and it sold. A summary 500cc that started sale in North America in 1969(H1) It is 250cc cubic centimeter displacement (S1), 350cc (S2, the back, S3 of 400cc), 750cc in the model by の success for reputation, 1972 years(H2) I added three の car models and formed two three stroke cylinder fleets of four car models in total and called this the Mach number series. Furthermore, I call a large displacement volume car model of H1 and H2 "Big Mach" (a big Mach number), and I call small (the frames are different) S1, S2 of the displacement volume and S3 with "Middle Mach" (a middle Mach number), and there was able to be the distinguished thing. The pet name of this "Mach number" was used till I changed the name of these car models with KH (the series) in a model in 1976. About the name of a model for Japan, "SS" was added after official name displacement volume (an example): As for 500 Kawasaki SS Mach number III, an export car does not have this "SS"), and "500 Kawasaki MachIII H1" and displacement volume get a model name. Z650 is announced in 1975, and H2 becomes extinct in form to pass the baton to this. The effluent gas / noise is influence of regulating it in the next year, and all the KH series withdraws from the North America. 250 / 400 which I was able to anticipate of the demand continued by the relations of the driver's license system any place other than the North America, but, as for 500, a model became extinct with this. The export for Europe of 250 / 400 became the end last, too, but it was produced models as an article for Japan until about 1983 for 1980 years. 750SS MACH IV(H2) Mach number III of two three stroke air-cooling cylinder 500cc released in 1969(H1) I won a favorable reception from はその strong acceleration characteristics in Europe and America, but I made a little difference and came to be gradually robbed of popularity for performance when I was late a little, and Honda CB750 was released though the price was about 1.5 times. A car model Kawasaki has already started the development of four four 750cc stroke cylinder cars as of the this past, but to exceed CB with all aspects by an appearance of this Honda CB750(Z1) Because I decided I was similar, and to change it, it developed that what I could market was after 1972. On this account it is Mach number IV that I enlarge the boa stroke of the H1 engine as the thing which can overwhelm CB in acceleration characteristics and the maximum speed as an equal of the meantime at least (in other words fastest the world), and did with 750cc(H2) である. The means corresponding to the Exhaust / noise regulation that bad H2 of the mileage depends still more even if compare it with H1 by the oil crisis that occurred right after Z1 was begun to sell in autumn, 1972, and became realistic is poor; S1(250cc) / S3(400cc) / H1(500cc) But, only H2 became model extinction having a model in 1975 whereas I changed a name of it to 400 KH250 / / 500 each (even if accompanied with power down daringly) and continued.

Kawasaki H2 750 drag bike at Spa circuit, Belgium.
The 40 Years of the Kawasaki H2 celebrations at Spa in Belgium - 1st July 2012. I was riding my H2c Street "Drag Bike" - any more than a quick burst of speed and the motor would not have lasted for Four laps . . It performed well, even though the clutch gave up on the First lap.

Kawasaki H2 KR800
Kawasaki 750 H2 KR800

Top Fuel Nitro Motorcycle Import vs Harley - Larry "Spiderman" Mcbride 5.83et @ 232mph
Dragbike Live was on location at the Manufacturers Cup Finals held November 12-14 2010 at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Georgia when Top Fuel Nitro motorcycle legendary drag racer Larry "Spiderman" Mcbride against V-Twin Top Fuel Harley rider Tommy Grimes aboard the Ray Price Top Fuel Nitro entry met in the final round. Mcbride ran an incredible 5.830 elapsed time at 232.75 miles per hour for the win! This was a historic final round,marking the first time a V-Twin Top Fuel Nitro burner would face off against an import Top Fuel Nitro Methane injected drag bike.

Yamaha RD 350 two stroke drag race
A Yamaha RD 350 YPVS based drag bike running 9.745s in a 1/4 mile drag race at Santa Pod. Running in the other lane is a Suzuki TL1000 drag bike. Specs: Fully custom Chrome Moly frame, one off fibreglass body, PMFR wheels, 7" rear slick, 440cc CPI Cheetah Cub block on RD350YPVS bottom end, +7mm crank, 68mm Wiseco pistons, 40mm Lectron carbs, PVL ignition, custom pipes, VP C16 fuel with Castrol A747 oil

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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