Crown Victoria Lightning 6-speed 2

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Terminator Cobra powertrain swaped Crown Vic, driving around
Not my car, so I can't help with any technical questions. Zombiceptor's 2005 Crown Vic. Engine and transmission from a 2003 Cobra.

Dyno day! Lets see what the swap put me to!
2005 Ford Police Interceptor ( Crown Victoria ) with a swapped in 2003 SVT Cobra S/C 4.6 with T-56 6 speed manual.

6 Speed Ford Lightning - Shifting Gears Around Town
Tremec T-56 Magnum 6 speed swapped into a 2001 Ford Lightning.

9 second Crown Vic
9.96 @ 139 Chevy 5.3, LS6 cam, Precision 7675, PTC converter, Megasquirt, 3.27s, TH400, E85, etc.