Crown Victoria Lightning 6-speed 2

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Dyno day! Lets see what the swap put me to!
2005 Ford Police Interceptor ( Crown Victoria ) with a swapped in 2003 SVT Cobra S/C 4.6 with T-56 6 speed manual.

Terminator Cobra powertrain swaped Crown Vic, driving around
Zombiceptor's 2005 Crown Vic. Engine and transmission from a 2003 Cobra.

6 speed SVT Lightning
Just playing around with my truck. Still a work in progress. Viper spec t56 from a gen 2 viper. At the time this video was made, the speedo sensor wasnt hooked up. I am aware of it not working in this video. but thanks for mentioning it over and over ;) build treads:

6 Speed SVT Lightning
walk around from today. Had the t56 swap for years. Thanks to Seth Smith for putting my trans in on xmas years ago and various other help. Bruce Holder for the tow, support etc. Brandon Darcey and Caleb N. for the support and track help. Randy Smith for the beast mode pump gas tune. and also Kevin, Clark and JJ at Raceland Auto Center for the many mods(Killer chiller drag kit, meth, line lock, svt raptor efans etc) yall installed and taking great care of ole red while in your shop. Best pass to day is 11.110 @ 124mph. 60' was 1.62.