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Home movies from Michigan 1963.

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Drag Racing 1963

American Thrill Ride movie- opening dragrace
the opening scene you find the main character 'chris' and his side kick 'ryan' drag racing there opposing car gang the HIRIDERS in there gassered 55 chevy, the HIRIDERS are hoping to pull of a win so they can win back there 57 chevy wagon that was lost in a bet on a previous race. will they prevail? only way to find out go to www.atrmovie.com and see!

Transformers Bumblee Bee Camaro Drag Racing Barona Drag Strip 6-3-2012
charger steve's grand national movie car drag racing original Camaro as it drag races back the future delorian, herbie the love bug. Originally a worn-out 1969 Camaro, producers settled on a 1977 model.[20] It is painted yellow with black stripes, primer and rust patches, riveted hood scoop, Cragar SS wheels up front, Eric Vaughn Real Wheels in the back, marine-grade vinyl seats, and even an eight-track player. Bumblebee (Transformers)

1963 Ford Thunderbird
This is a 1963 Ford Thunderbird in Rangoon Red with Pearl Beige Interior. This car was sold new in Dallas, Texas and has been here ever since.