corolla Vs Maxima

95 corolla on 50 shots Vs 96 maxima

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20v ae92 vs 20v ae100
lil run

Toyota Corolla vs Honda Civic
Drag-Racing Khabarovsk Kalinka 2008 stage 1 Панченко vs Фиактистов

AE101 Corolla vs EG Civic Si
97' rolla vs 92' hatch. This vid was for negative comments, yes i got burned from the dig lol but the 2nd run was closer. In case you dont notice the text, right off the back he's got 20 more horses than me plus wires and he's lighter. Few more mods gonna be done to the Rolla. Enjoy the vid

SHOWROOM R$ 114.990 Toyota Corolla 2018 Altis 2.0 154 cv #COROLLA2018