Beer Drinking Contest 2010-Marty SD

too drinking contest at Marty Fastpitch Tourney...7/11/10...Rez Sox right here

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A Mayor Remembers the Rapid City Flood : Part 1
Don Barnett was mayor of Rapid City on the stormy night of June 9, 1972, when Rapid Creek overflowed and Canyon Lake Dam broke. A 12-foot wall of water swept through the city, killing 238 people and injuring 3,000. On May 8, 2012, Bernie Hunhoff of South Dakota Magazine and Grant Peterson of Brookings Radio interviewed Barnett about the tragedy. This is part one of their conversation. Photos by Keith Johnson - used with permission of the Rapid City Public Library.

now THIS is a beer drinker!!!!

Ron Knudsen Jr!! 2010 FRC Heavyweight King Of The Hill!! (TKO)
Ron Knudsen Jr from Lake Andes South Dakota fighting at Fort Randall Casino King & Queen of the Hill summer 2010! He won $1000 & 1st place in his division (heavyweight)! 2009-2010 BACK TO BACK KING OF THE HILL CHAMPION!

Oktoberfest beer drinking championship
Team Chicago takes down the Valley in this triumphant Cinderella story.