Import Tuners

a slideshow of some cool import tuners Plz rate and comment i will be making an exotic and muscle slideshow soon.

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Import Tuners 2
Another slide i made about tuners. hope u enjoy!! please also rate and comment or subscribe if u want to: also when u comment include any last minute advice on my vid or tell me which tuner u think is the best...and if u wanna no anything about my acc or my vids or whatever then ask me and ill try my best to answer it.

Import Tuners ( I Got Bored)
8 min. of import tuners, truth is it's like 1:00AM and i got really bored.there's one random picture in here see if you can find it

Top Ten Cars import/tuner cars
i dont want any comments like there gay cars these are my choices if u dont like them stop trolling and get a life

tuner cars vs muscle cars
tuners (not ricer) vs american muscle for me tuner but ppl have opinions enjoy!!! have any questions comment subscribe!!