Ferrari F430 (Stock) VS E55 AMG (Modded)

Stock Ferrari F430 VS E55 AMG with Bolt on mods Rolling from 100 Km/h "62 mph" till 275 Km/h "170 mph" Footage was taken from 996 Porsche 911 turbo

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Modded M5 vs Beast Mercedes E55 AMG - Airstrip Dragrace incar
1/2 mile drag race - Stephen's shifting in the M5 was EXCELLENT, but it was not enough to catch the beastly AMG. Thanks for the race and we'll see ya'll next year! BIG Thanks to Jerry at Eurocharged for the expert tuning on our car!

E55 VS ZR1

Mercedes E55 AMG Record 1/4 Pass, 10.59@130.97, MIR, 12-09-11
E55 1/4 mile record (non-Nitrous), as of 12-09-11. full bolt-ons, stock cams, stock heads, custom lowpro i/c, TTM, OETuning, MBH. Daily driver.

Modded E55 vs Stock Gallardo
Shardul's Modded E55 vs Stock Gallardo