The HP VT21 4-stroke RC model plane engine

This is a 30 year-old 4-stroke engine which has an Aspin Rotary Valve in the head rather than more conventional poppet valves and camshaft. These engines are very weak but also amazingly quiet. The airframe is a very old design from the 1960s I think and it weighs a ton. Flying this engine/airframe combination requires a *very* light touch on the sticks because it'll stall in an instant if you attempt to slow it up or use just a fraction too much elevator. Still, it makes a nice change from grossly overpowered trainers, 3D machines and pulsejet-powered RC models.

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A large turboprop-powered Das Ugly Stik RC model airplane
This unique turpoprop powered Ugly Stik was seen at the 2011 ANZAC jet rally in Tokoroa New Zealand. This was only its second flight. Something nicely different to all the other turbine-powered jet models in the sky at that event.

200mph RC plane spins prop at over 30,000 RPMs
The very fast pylon racer RC plane I featured a few months back returned to the field last weekend and I captured some more video of it. Top speed is around 320kph but on this run I think the engine was a little rich. Still pretty impressive (and really loud) though. Oh, and the glorious smell of castor oil -- you just don't get that with electric models. The smell of burnt wiring, melting ESCs and venting lipos is really not the same! 30,000+ RPMs -- so sweet!

Futaba 2-channel radio control transmitter from the 1970s
We continue our trip through the XJet RC museum of old radio control systems for RC planes with a look at an old 2-channel Futaba AM radio on 27MHz. This was bought for about NZ$149 back in 1978 which, according to the New Zealand Reserve Bank's inflation calculator, is the equivalent of NZ$935 (US$658) today. Although I originally bought this radio for my slope-soarer, I did mod it to add a third channel so I could use it with a "Little Stik" that was powered by an OS25FSR. Happy days!

Starting and Running The ENYA 46 4C Model Airplane Engine
Designed and manufactured in Japan Circa 1985. Smooth running and capable of swinging a big prop for a 7.5 cc engine.. For more information on my old engines, visit my Blog at: Or for other aircraft related musings,don't forget to visit my other Blogs at::