The HP VT21 4-stroke RC model plane engine

This is a 30 year-old 4-stroke engine which has an Aspin Rotary Valve in the head rather than more conventional poppet valves and camshaft. These engines are very weak but also amazingly quiet. The airframe is a very old design from the 1960s I think and it weighs a ton. Flying this engine/airframe combination requires a *very* light touch on the sticks because it'll stall in an instant if you attempt to slow it up or use just a fraction too much elevator. Still, it makes a nice change from grossly overpowered trainers, 3D machines and pulsejet-powered RC models.

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60% scale Focke Wulf 190 homebuilt airplane
Update: this plane recently crashed, moderately injuring its pilot. News footage of the crash aftermath can be seen here: cleID/258749/Default.aspx This (about) 60% full-size homebuilt Focke Wulf 190 replica was seen at the Tokoroa Airfield at the local Aero Club's fly-in, April 2010. Sorry about the less than perfect flyby pictures, cloud-cover was thick with persistent drizzle and it was very cold (hence the camera shake!). I'm sure I've seen one this big on YouTube with an RC receiver and servos in it.

A large turboprop-powered Das Ugly Stik RC model airplane
This unique turpoprop powered Ugly Stik was seen at the 2011 ANZAC jet rally in Tokoroa New Zealand. This was only its second flight. Something nicely different to all the other turbine-powered jet models in the sky at that event.

Things that should not fly #3
Another example of things that ought not fly but (believe it or not) really do. Robert's "lolly-bomber" RC plane is made from coreflute, polystyrene foam, brown packing tape and EPP. This was its maiden flight and a part from the utter failure of the EPP nosewheel, it worked out pretty damned well, especially considering the strength of the wind on the day. If you look carefully, you'll notice that Robert's DX7 radio has two antennas. He's fitted a FrSky 2.4GHz DIY kit and now runs exclusively with FrSky receivers. Robert is one of the founders of the NZ Parkflyers movement at

The pulsejet powered kayak (part 2)
Here's footage from the show where we ran the pulsejet-powered kayak down a runway and then raced it against an Olympic rower. Remember -- this *is* television, not real life (if you get my drift). Still, it was great fun and I quite enjoy doing pulsejet stuff like this for TV programs.