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2014 Range Rover Instrument Panel | Land Rover USA
For more information on the Range Rover, please visit Learn how to use and navigate the Range Rover's instrument panel to customize vehicle settings. Join the conversation at or on Twitter @LandRoverUSA

Land Rover Terrain Response
Matt Meakin from Land Rover Cape Fear gives a quick lesson on using your Land Rover's 'grass gravel snow' special program to help you navigate the frozen stuff we've been getting in Southeastern NC.

Range Rover HSE Bluetooth Module Bypass
If your Range Rover' radio, CD player , backup camera stops working and Land Rover logo is the only thing that is displayed on your LCD, it may be that one of your modules inside fiber optic loop is not working. Most of the cases it's a Bluetooth module. This video shows how to create an easy bypass using just a pen stem.

Self diagnose Range Rover
This is a quick video on how to do some self diagnosing of your Range Rover. This isn't a cure all by no means and I don't claim it to be. Some things you will still have to go to the dealer for but there is some decent info in here. Any questions just hit me up.