jv racing

Racing my supercharged Buick Skylark , engine GM-ZZ4 block , original crank , the rest custom.Some changes made after film : Dart Pro-1 heads on now in 2009 (yes the big 230 intake ones) , Runs now E-85 fuel and Supercharger now has fluid system Intercooler , custom made with pump and reservoir in trunk... Car went 12,05 seconds on 1/4 mile this summer , car is original weight ! This is very very fast for an original car like this. ( well prepped driveline and special driveline stuff you dont see heh) but TH-350 (direct sequential shift from HURST) and 10bolt with c-clip eliminator and slide-a-link. NEXT Project : Lamborghini S3 , #9462 restoration currently in progress ! Car will look like original and will have original carbs !

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LS1 S10 trying for 12's
2001 S10 with 2000 LS1/4L60E automatic (stock) tuned with Hp tuners. 3.70 Posi in Ford 9" with slide a link traction bars and nitto drag radials.

Twin Turbo Buick 350 Skylark
Here's my 1971 Buick Skylark with tubs, DOT slicks and 2 hybrid turbos. I make this system as a kit for purchase. You can find me at BurtonMachine.com.

1968 Chevy C10 ZZ4
New zz4 crate engine with Lt4 hot cam installed.

Street Legal Brumunddal , Norway 2013.
Driver : JON VENSTAD Car : supercharged Buick Skylark 1979 model. Engine built by owner; GM 350 4bolt smallblock (355cid) , forged everything , roller cam with voodoo 1;7 rockers , Dart PRO-1 heads. Weiand 144 Supercharger with maximum 10-rib drive ratio, Superchiller Intercooler, and proform 850 carb. Engine is a one-off build , fully balanced internals and runs on E-85 fuel. Driveline : 350 trans with Hurst sequential shift and Hughes manual valve body. Rear is 10 bolt 8,5 with detroit locker (3,73 now , had 4.11 before) and 28 spline shafts with c-clip eliminator kit. Suspension rear is with Competion engineering kit.... Car runs 11,67 sec. at 402 meters prepared track with trackbite (189 km/h) , original weight ! Runs at the best on normal street 201 meters street legal around 7,7 sec. (about 155 km/h) Probably one of the fastest road legal smallblock Buick Skylark in the world with original chassis ? It has the police package chassis & suspension from factory. Very rare 4 door car !