Mighty max with weber 32/36

New carb

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The D50 Beast
1980 dodge d50 2.0L 4 speed, weber 280 cfm carb, pacesetter longtube header, holley fuel pressure regulators, flowmaster 3 chamber, y-pipe to duel 3 inch tips...sold

DGV,DGEV mighty max ram 50

gto 4g52 weber

Carb tuning issue
EDIT: turns out it was fuel pressure being too low! Narrow band O2 sensor installed on Mitsubishi 4G63b SOHC 8 Valve motor in an L300 4x4 van. carb is Weber 32/36 DGV. Jets are: 145 primary main, 55 idle. massive-drilled out 180 secondary main, 50 idle. Emulsion tubes as per factory, F50 primary and F6 secondary. as seen in video, engine pulls well. but after 3000rpm is reached and secondary is opened more than a crack, the mixture leans off FAST and causes engine to miss BADLY. Right of O2 sender indicates LEAN Left is RICH. Center is stoichiometric, spread over 3-4 LED's theory's appreciated.