MGB Engine

MGB Engine internals

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MGA Engine Rebuild Seminar
Start-up of a rebuilt MGA engine at University Motors, Ada, Michigan, February 2008

'67 MGB Engine Test, Rebuilt at Brit Bits with our Roller Rocker Kit.
Norm Michaels here at Brit Bits installed a set of our High Ratio Roller Rockers on this '67 MGB engine rebuild. Prior to installation, we ground in some extra clearance for the pushrods. The Roller Rockers popped in with ease! With this setup the rockers are fitted to the shaft with twin needle roller bearings. This setup differs from the original in that roller are used to contact the valve stems allowing them to be more efficient by staying open longer. It will be interesting to get this engine in the car and test it out on the dynamometer to see what sort of power increase we get!

MGB engine smooth running
Brus is tuning the carb of my MGB

233 MGB Engine - Faulty compression / Bad Rings