Easy Way to Remove Back Window on a Car

A quick and easy method to remove the back windshield on any kind of car. Cheap too! This was removed off of a 72 Oldsmobile. This is a video of demolition derby. Everything is under a safety controlled environment and nobody is in any harm or danger. This video follows ALL of the youtube guidelines and contains no misleading information, dangerous content, foul language, or injury to people. I own a videography business and film this as my profession. Any problems or issues can be taken up with our business at www.dmderby.com

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How to take out a Cars Window on a JUNK CAR, yourself
In this video Ill show you how to remove a cars Rear Window using regular hand tools and a metal wire found at your local hardware store.. By doing this I saved $200.00.. WARNING!!! When removing a rear window, the Urathane seal will sometimes strip the paint from the sheet metal of the car.. this video is HOW TO REMOVE A REAR WINDOW.. this is not a HOW TO REMOVE AND PREP and RE INSTALL VIDEO, SO PLEASE, NO COMMENTS ABOUT PREPPING.. THIS IS NOT A PREP AND REINSTALL VIDEO...

Back Glass Removal Part 1
Brad from Auto Glass America shows us how to safely remove back glass in a vehicle.

Windshield Removal Guide
Safe and effective windshield removal 2001 VW Jetta with the WRD Spider. www.wrdglasstools.com Tools Used in the Video: ------------------------ The WRD Spider 001S - Auto Glass Panel Removal System. - Cordless drill operated fiber line removal device. - Performs safe, clean and effortless auto glass removal. - Used in auto glass service shops and automotive repair shops across the world. - Provides the safest removal of wind-shields, back and side glass panels. - Lightweight construction, small and low profile. The WRD Spider Line, a Specialized High Strength Cutting Fiber Line. - Used to effectively cut through the urethane. - Technician safety is top priority. - Soft and easy to handle line eliminates from potential injury. - Anti-scratch properties eliminates the vehicle damage hazard. - Optimized line construction for great cutting ability. - Abrasion resistance coating offers great re-usability. - Pre-marked lengths help save time and reduce waste of unnecessary line. Simple, clean and safe auto glass removal for every technician. For more information about the tools used in this video visit out our website (www.wrdglasstools.com) or leave us a message (www.wrdglasstools.com/contact-us). Thanks for watching. -- WRD Glass Tools Inc www.wrdglasstools.com

How A Windshield is Removed and Installed ( One way anyways )
Ever wonder how it gets done?.. well.. Here's how, Thanks Phil From P&A Auto Glass.. NOTE: Due to the Conflicting comments on youtube on " how its supposed to be done" Im putting a note here saying that I am not a Professional Glass Installer. I do NOT specialize in thise Field. I took it upon myself to ask for Permission from this glass Installer to Video Record his Process. I am Neutral on this Method and I do not have the Experience or know how on the " proper way" to install the windshield. Im soley going off the Information Given to me by this Professional Installer. This Video is For entertainment purposes, and to show the world and my Subscribers how a Installer out in the Field removes a Windshield. As far as this being " the Proper way" I dont know. I am not a Glass Installer. All I can say is the Job was a success, He was never called back as far as I know for a warranty repair. ENJOY THE VIDEO, YOUR COMMENTS and INPUT ARE WELCOME.