Dakota R/T Vs Silverado (Truck Spectator Drag Finals)

Chevy Silverado V8 Vs. Supercharged Dodge Dakota (R/T??) Beech Ridge Motor Speedway Spectator Drags

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Chevy Camaro Z28 vs Cammed Dodge Dakota R/T
Pardon my white (attempting to be mexican) friend lol. Camaro didn't have the greatest of starts there but did come back once it got into the upper rpms of 2nd gear then it came back on the truck.

Dakota RT vs MonteCarlo
99 Dakota vs 80's MonteCarlo

Me in my 04 srt-10 against my buddy in his dakota r/t. Mine has K&N and magnaflow. He has a ton of stuff done but the most recent addition is the tremec t-56 tranny installed like the one's in the ram srt.

Motor Mayhem Spectator Drags (Oxford Plains 7/25/2014)
Spectator Drags at Oxford Plains Speedway Motor Mayhem #3. 7/25/2014 music by: teknoaxe