Panasonic TX-P42UX30E Plasma Power Consumption

Panasonic TX-P42UX30E plazma tv teljesítményfelvételének mérése

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Panasonic 42'' Plasma power consumption
My Panasonic TH-42PZ86 oscilating from 145 watts with a full black image to a 410 watts with an all white image and you can see the values in between are from regular TV broadcast. 410w + 148w = 558w / 2 = 279w So we have an average of 279 watts of power consumption witch i find very similar to LCD but with Plasma you get a lot more quality from the same power... Long live Plasma technology.

Power consumption for the LG 50PA6500 50" Plasma TV
I bought this TV from Eljo online based in Melbourne: ma-tv-50pa6500.html LG had very little information based on this product and when asked about its power consumption - did not provide a response. Here is the power consumption (W) in real time for browsing TV channels in every day life. The quality of the TV is fantastic and if you're looking for a plasma with low power consumption, a great picture, HDMI/DVI inputs and no 'smart TV'/3D crap - this is the one for you. It ranked as the no. 1 plasma recommended by Choice (the Australia consumer watchdog). Highly recommended. Note* TV was used 'out of the box' - no settings changed. This enabled the standard 'power saving mode' which was at about 85%/90% (can be found by pressing the 'green leaf' button on the controller).

Playstation 4 Power Consumption
In this video I show you how much power does your PS4 (Playstation 4) gaming console consumes. I play some games and for each game I measure the averaged power consumption and I show you the results. Furthermore, I show how much power PS4 consumes doing different tasks like showing the main menu, playing a movie, standby mode and so on. I also study briefly the efficiency of the operation of power supply of PS4 by measure the power factor. You can always find the latest material related to my videos related to gamin consoles in my personal web sites: