Supercars at Wilton House 2011: The Parade

An event to raise money for charity at Wilton House, home of Lord Pembroke. Organised by Jay Broom.

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1 of 6 Koenigsegg One:1 - MAD Revs at Wilton House
A video of the very exclusive (and rare) Koenigsegg One:1 revving at Wilton Classic & Supercars 2015 Facebook: Castrol EDGE invited me along to the Wilton Classic & Supercar event of 2015. One of the cars that attended was this carbon blue Koenigsegg One:1. It gave some nice revs for the crowds! Flickr: Instagram: @adamc3046 Link to recommended video:

The BEST Supercar Event ... EVER - Wilton House
Facebook: Twitter: Car Blog: My Vlogs: ------------------------------------------ INFO BELOW! ------------------------------------------ It's hard to put into words quite how fantastic this year's Wilton House Supercars event was, so let's let 8 minutes of video do the talking. Starting off in central London at 6am, the supercars including MP4-12Cs (yes, plural), tonnes of Lamborghinis and many more gather before convoying towards Gurston Down hillclimb via some team stops and opportunities to regroup. It's at Gurston where you'll find what is probably the most insane car park you'll ever see, and here you can see the new Aventador flooring it from the line before a Veyron puts down with Launch Control! Then take a ride onboard a BMW M3 GTS before we set off on another convoy following a decatted Ferrari Enzo (this thing was LOUD!) and 2 (TWO!!!) Bugatti Veyrons. Parading through the crowds at Wilton House to cheers of "Rev it, rev it" we drive before the hypercar arrivals including a One-77 hitting the red line and more. It's not done yet! Then it's time for the Rev-off where the supercars take it in turn to measure their loudness on the decibel-metre; an LP560, Diablo, MP4-12C, Enzo and Koenigsegg Agera show you what they are made of before the cars head off after a beautiful day in the West of England. Filmed at the 2011 Wilton House event, organised by JayKayBi. For Wilton House 2012, please see the event page on Facebook: Thanks for watching, Tim

Supercar Paradise - FXX K, P1 GTR, One:1, LaFerrari, Huayra and more!
Dreamland for supercar lovers, as the cars of the Michelin Supercar Paddock return to base during the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed. In the gathering we have race cars including the Ferrari FXX K, 599 XX and McLaren P1 GTR, road hypercars including the Koenigsegg One:1, Pagani Huayra and Porsche 918 Spyder. There are also plenty of the latest supercars; McLaren 570S, Audi R8 V10 Plus, Ferrari 488 GTB, Aston Martin DB9 GT, and so, so many more. As well as the supercars, the First Glance class also return to the paddock with a number of other highlights. Thanks for watching, Tim Subscribe: Website: Facebook: Instagram:

Bloodhound SSC - Interview with Andy Green (Wilton House with Castrol EDGE)
I interview Andy Green about the Bloodhound SSC, a project with the aim to reach 1000mph on land. Facebook: A huge thanks to Castrol EDGE UK for inviting me to Wilton Classic & Supercars, where I interviewed Wing Commander Andy Green about the Bloodhound SSC. We discuss the car's technical details, driving experience and the dates of the record attempt. This interview took place on 7th June 2015. Apologies for the poor focusing on one of the cameras, the bug on the lens of the other camera, and the interrupting Aventador revving in the background. Flickr: Instagram: @adamc3046 Link to recommended video