Yamaha VMAX VS 74 Shovel head 1/8 Shelor motor mile

This is me on my 92 Yamaha VMAX vs my buddy Jason on his 1974 Harley Davidson Shovel head. Good times! This bike is now for sale.

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Yamaha VMAX VS CBR1000 Drag race 1/8 Shelor motor mile
This was my favorite race I've ever run! And I lost!! I ran a super nice guy named Chad. I was on my 1992 Yamaha Vmax. Chad was on his Honda CBR 1000. It was such a close race. I got him out of the hole and held him off until the last possible fractions of a second when he ran me down! I ran 7.4 seconds @ 95.48 mph. Chad ran 7.235 @ 107.09. I never saw him until right before I crossed the line. Rock on Chad, nice race!!

Yamaha V-Max "The Acceleration!"

Shovelhead test
Shovelhead motor (92" stroker) being fired up on a test stand.

74 Shovelhead first start
This was my dads bike he's had for around 30 years before he passed. It had a few leaks and some other small issues since we restored it about 7 years ago. I tore the motor down and went back through it, I also rebuilt the transmission and added a kicker. This is the first time this bike has ever been kick started, and the first time it's been started since I went through it.