Yamaha VMAX VS 74 Shovel head 1/8 Shelor motor mile

This is me on my 92 Yamaha VMAX vs my buddy Jason on his 1974 Harley Davidson Shovel head. Good times! This bike is now for sale.

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1974 shovel head vs 4 wheeler 1/8 shelor motor mile wheelie!
This dude on a 4 wheeler runs a wheelie down the 1/8 mile at the Shelor motor mile. My buddy is on his 74 Harley Shovel head.

Yamaha VMAX VS ZX14 Drag race 1/8 Shelor motor mile
I raced a 2006 Kawasaki ZX14 at The Shelor motor mile in Radford VA with my Yamaha Vmax. He had been tweaking it and said he had some problems. This bike is now for sale.

74 Shovelhead first start
This was my dads bike he's had for around 30 years before he passed. It had a few leaks and some other small issues since we restored it about 7 years ago. I tore the motor down and went back through it, I also rebuilt the transmission and added a kicker. This is the first time this bike has ever been kick started, and the first time it's been started since I went through it.

Yamaha V-Max "The Acceleration!"