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Biggest wobbles and best saves in MotoGP™
Check out our video about the 2012 season's most spectacular saves and biggest wobbles from riders across all three MotoGP™ classes. Subscribe to MotoGP on YouTube: Visit The Official Website: Official App on iTunes: Official App on Google Play: Like MotoGP on Facebook: Follow MotoGP on Twitter: Buy the Official MotoGP Merchandise:

Ghost Rider .... The Ghost Rider Jail Escape / You Innocent ( Scene )

no prisoners 2013! vol.2
a motorcycle crash compilation: "no prisoners" version 2013. vol.2. dash cams, helmet cams, hand cams, bike cams, cctv, all street and road, no track, no dirt, original sound, all real. warning: some scenes are extremely brutal, viewer discretion is advised. notes: this video documentary is absolutely free. you are free to copy and distribute, but please don't hide the logo. it is not monetized, non profit and non commercial. its only purposes are education, information, research, report and fun. it demonstrates common mistakes that riders do, the greatest dangers for riders to watch out for on the road, how and when (not) to speed and of course the necessity of always using protective clothing and a crash helmet when riding a motorcycle. plus some motorcycle related funny and strange crashes or incidents or other weird things recorded on the road. obviously most of the clips are rider or driver mistakes on the road that happened to be captured on cameras. we always learn from our mistakes, but we also learn from the mistakes of others. we ought to know and educate ourselves. every rider, new or experienced is recommended to view this video as well as the others of the series. it is not meant to make anyone refrain from or give up riding, but to open their eyes and help realize their responsibility and spot the usually hidden dangers. may we all learn valuable lessons and have much less accidents and injuries. all the best, ride safe, avoid danger, always wear your gear! --- Channels appearing who requested to be mentioned:

Car Crashes & Chaos IV - Breaking Videos
Subscribe for NEW Breaking Videos! ►► Get Break Gear! ►► Hey Break fans! Check out our latest compilation, Car Crashes & Chaos Part 4! Let us know which one was your favorite in the comments section. And don’t forget to submit your own viral videos at Cheers! Click to SUBSCRIBE for more Breaking Videos! ( WHAT TO WATCH NEXT Break's Got Talent ►► Scary Sea Creatures ►► Got an awesome video? Submit it! ( Check out Break Merch! ( Like us on Facebook! ( Follow us on Twitter! ( Follow us on Instagram! (bitly, base url is Check out our Vine! ( Break brings you the best viral videos, funny photos, and comedy content on the web. Our daily mission: Make the internet break again and again. Our humor hits hard and we take no prisoners. There's no Geneva Convention of Comedy! ----- Demented riders SA accident PG advised Dashcam Crash - Passing a semi over a median Subaru WRX STI Car Crash Dash cam footage from behind San Diego I 15 to I 805 Rollover Crash Snow Pileup on 1-5 only in Oakland drunk lady crashes mid 90 s benz fire hydrant gusher the Burns Wife vs Mailbox High speed accident at Quick Quack Car Wash car crash fail percent Motorcycle Hits Grandma in Crosswlk Kid almost gets hit by car Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 CRASHES Into Crowd Road crash motobike hit car HOW I LOST MY DREAM MOTORCYCLE BY MY FAULT Brutal motorcycle crash Rear ended on a Motorcycle 4 vehicle Collision Motorcycle rear ends car Car night crash Ladder causes crash on 118 West Accident 2017 11 16 In accident pedestrians have nearly suffered Taxi runs red light Denver October 23, 2016 Отчеканил Race Crash! Car spins out for no reason Car Accident What Happened Drunk on the job Haha I think so Truck stop mechanic tries towing Very broken car goes on the highway BTO 2014 BombSquad Wheelie CRASH on 2012 WR450F Headstand on Motorcycle Ends on the Ground ORIGINAL Syracuse Skatepark High speed chase crash Suspect Steals a Cop Car