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Biggest wobbles and best saves in MotoGP™
Check out our video about the 2012 season's most spectacular saves and biggest wobbles from riders across all three MotoGP™ classes. Subscribe to MotoGP on YouTube: Visit The Official Website: Official App on iTunes: Official App on Google Play: Like MotoGP on Facebook: Follow MotoGP on Twitter: Buy the Official MotoGP Merchandise:

no prisoners 2016! vol.2
The Ultimate Motorcycle Crash Compilation! "no prisoners" version 2016, volume 2. (second half of 2016) Dash cams, helmet cams, hand cams, bike cams, TV, CCTV, all street and road, no track, no dirt, original sound, all new, all real. WARNING: Graphic content. Some scenes may be considered shocking, viewer discretion is advised. This video documentary is available for free to download, copy and share. The video is not commercial. It is intended to be a learning tool mainly for motorcyclists, but it is for every other road user as well. It is a product of research, edited in a way to be easily watchable in all devices. It contains common mistakes that riders, drivers, or pedestrians do, the greatest dangers for riders to look out for and the necessity of always wearing protective clothing and a crash helmet when riding a motorcycle. Also a few weird, interesting and funny motorcycle related videos. Most of the clips show rider or driver mistakes on the road that happened to be captured on cameras. We always learn from our mistakes, but we also learn from the mistakes of others. As road users we ought to know, educate ourselves and be prepared, they can happen to anyone. Viewing these video series is highly recommended to every rider, novice or experienced. It is not meant to make anyone refrain from or give up riding, but to open our eyes and help realize what a great responsibility it is. Disclaimer: The video is 100% legal. It is non commercial, not monetized, transformative, does not affect the original material's market and it is "Fair Use" according to U.S. Copyright Law. _________________________ Contributing Channels (upon request, please contact me if you want your link added) - ShalyNJke:

[CBR 954RR] ETD Megara, Intermediate Group, 6th session, 14-06-2017
Extreme Track Days at Megara Athens Racing Circuit. Following a friend on his VTR 1000 SP-2 to record him. I exit after overtaking to catch him again, but the session ended.

Honda CB-1 400 ride - Crete 2014, seemingly good road with surprises!
You think, "this road looks OK and has good grip, let's open up". And then you are met with a surprise!