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no prisoners 2013! vol.1 (unblocked)
The original video got almost a mil views and it was blocked in many countries because of a stupid music track. I removed that crap with YouTube and reuploaded it. Description: The ultimate motorcycle crash compilation "no prisoners" version 2013. vol.1. Dash cams, helmet cams, hand cams, bike cams, CCTV, all street and road, no track, no dirt, original sound, all real. Note: This video is not monetized, non profit and non commercial. Its only purpose is education, information, research, report and entertainment. It shows common mistakes that riders do, the dangers to look out for and of course the necessity of using protective equipment when riding a motorcycle. Plus some motorcycle related funny and strange crashes or incidents that were randomly recorded on the road. We always learn from our mistakes, but we also learn from the mistakes of others.

"HD" Guy Martin Destroys Olivers Mount Rivals 2012
Guy Martin destroyed his rivals & took no prisoners at the only true road racing event held in England,the infamous "Gold Cup",which takes place at Olivers Mount in Scarborough.Guy won it for the 8th time,he's the most successful rider in the competitions long history which has seen some famous faces over the years including the likes of Barry Sheene,Jamie Whitham,Carl Fogarty,Giacomo Agostini,Geoff Duke to name a few. (note to youtube) I put this short film together from clips i accumulated on my mobile phone so i own the content outright.

Sportbike Desert Ride
Featuring the ICON Hooligan Collection: Starring Julien Welsch : Videography - editing Stephan Couchoud : Aerial Videogrphy Alexandre Labesse : View Julien Welsch's original hit here:

no prisoners 2012! (reupload/edited/remastered)
This is the famous video which spawned the "No Prisoners" series. Edited out a few problematic clips, fixed some issues, remastered. Hopefully rid of the problems that got it banned. The video is not commercial and it is not being monetized. If ads appear, they are because of Copyright claims, which I am bored to deal with. Please use an Ad-Blocker add-in on your browser. Most incidents are of 2012. This video, like the others of the series, is meant to be a learning tool especially for motorcyclists. It is "legal" according to the "Fair Use" doctrine under U.S. Copyright Law and filing a DMCA take down notice will accomplish nothing but bad rep for the complainant. If your video appears in the compilation and you wish to be mentioned, linked, credited or listed as a contributor, please contact me with your request.