Junkers JU 52 takeoff, landing at Lelystad airshow + Mustang

Watch a Junkers JU 52 take off, fly around and land at Lelystad airport at historic airshow! In addition, see the P 51D Mustang "Damn Yankee" and the B 25 Mitchell bomber taxi and take off. Plenty close-up footage and awesome sounds from piston engines.

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Vol en Junkers 52
Vol en Junkers 52 à l'occasion du meeting de la Ferté-Alais le 31 mai 2009 à bord d'un appareil de la compagnie Suisse Ju-Air.

TANTE JU! ♥ Junkers JU 52 Scenic Flight from Gstaad
DEAR AUNTY JU Proudly standing skywards with your nose in the wind, gently carried by wings. The three BMW radial engines are music to the ears, an unmistakable sign that a Junkers JU 52 appears. Your corrugated skin is light-weighted and thin but enormously robust to withstand every wind. You are airborne within a few hundred meters, that is when the modern aircrafts feel dethroned and believe in a malfunction of the thrust lever. Those technically sophisticated planes are equipped with touch screen, it is a dream or the last scream. But your cockpit has hardly changed, it is well-arranged. During wartime you flew day and night without a trace of fright. Many brave soldiers flew towards an unknown fate. You meant the last connection to entire armies before they had to fight until the bitter end. You brought many wounded soul back, saved lives and reunited the returning soldiers with their loved ones. There are so many stories to tell. A spectacular one happend in the Swiss avalanche winter (1951) when it was snowing like hell. Aunty JU distributed many relief goods which were dropped by parachute. Wool blankets, bread and even hay for the cattle, a big help to fight against the hard winter battle. The end of work has never really come because you are so awesome. You are used to long queues because people are so amused by flying with dear Aunty JU - Tante JU. Your success story may never come to an end, you are a beloved flying legend. Written by Matthias Haenni Video Editing Software: Final Cut Express and iMovie Camera: Sony VG10 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY matthiashaenni ©

JU-52 [PL wersja]
Nurkowanie oraz historia Ju-52

Lufthansa D-AQUI trifft Rimowa Ju am Hafengeburtstag 2013
Eine Junkers-Formation der ganz besonderen Art. Ju trifft Ju. Zwei Ju52 trafen sich über dem Hamburger Hafen am 11. Mai 2013 und flogen gemeinsam ein paar Runden über den schönsten Stadt der Welt. Ein wundervoller Moment an Bord der D-AQUI. Helge macht einen Rundflug über den Hafengeburtstag in der 77. Jahre alten D-AQUI. Komm mit... In Hamburg at the Habour's Birthday 2013, it is a pleasure to watch the whole spectacle from above. What could be better? Watch it from our D-AQUI, the "Auntie Ju"!!! You wouldn't believe, that this "reJUvinated" Junkers Ju52 of the Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung just celebrated her 77th birthday on April 6th. And you also won't hear her age! The sound of the three Pratt and Whitney engines of the old lady is so unique and fantastic that everyone would know her, just hearing the engines running. Ready for departure? You are cleared for take off! Enjoy your flight!