Polaris Ranger 6x6 turbocharged 500

My Polaris Ranger 6x6 with an intercooled IHI turbocharger. I desighned and made all components myself, (except turbo of course) 10 psi Boost, Microsquirt EFI and ignition controller. Sorry about the poor video, but it was hard watching the road and the camera at the same time. I realize I made a mistake in saying it is a "series 10", it is not, it is a 99 series.

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DVDs & APPAREL - http://www.bustedknuckle.com This Polaris Ranger 6x6 was going up every trail it tried at Morris Mountain ORV during RBD 2013. Follow us on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/bustedknucklefilms

Polaris Ranger 6x6
Playing at Woolys using my training wheels.

Six Wheelers & Eight Wheelers Playing in the Mud
This is a video showing http://www.6x6world.com members at their semi-annual ride at Busco Beach off-road park in Goldsboro, NC recorded on the weekend of April 11, 2015. This video features 6x6 and 8x8 side-by-side amphibious ATVs from Argo, Hustler and Max. The Argo 6x6 and 8x8 AATVs are manufactured by Ontario Drive and Gear in Canada. The Max II and Max IV AATVs, previously manufactured by Recreatives Industries out of Buffalo, NY are now manufactured by Mudd-Ox Inc., in Shipshewana, IN. Many of the ATVs in this video have been modified with more aggressive mud tires and higher HP motors. If you have any questions on any of the ATVs in this video, please feel free to ask them on 6x6world.com.

Custom Polaris Ranger 6x6 with trailer as seen on Destination Polaris
MARSHALL MOTOART customized a Polaris Ranger 6x6 and build a trailer to pull behind it. They used Legend Air Suspensions to give the vehicle better load carrying capabilities and for a smoother ride regardless of payload. See the "Spider Monkey" in action now.