Big off into the mud - Turn 7, Texas World Speedway CW

After a weekend of driving on a damp and slick track, things finally dried up. Unfortunately I got a tad overconfident and had an enlightening off-track experience. Car is a bone stock '97 Miata on Falken Azenes

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Safety Car FAILS
I DID NOT MAKE THIS VIDEO. THIS VIDEO WAS MADE BY InZaneRacingTV. This compilation features multiple Safety Car fails, from racing drivers crashing into the safety car to marshalls crashing their car themselves.

TWS 2.9 Road Course CW.avi
Texas World Speedway 2.9 mile road course run clockwise.

Subaru spins in turn 13, Texas World Speedway (clockwise)
Subaru spins in the s curves at Texas World Speedway, HPDE hosted by The Driver's Edge November 8, 2009.

4 deep in the cayenne gts, tws pds 6/27/10
I was one of 4 instructors in mike saxe's cayenne gts. It was surprisingly agile. We were chasing fellow cmc2 racer Wade Zimmer driving my car.