Dyno TEST - V8-hayabusa engine - Hartley Enterprises

IT DOESNT WANT TO STOP !! This engine is made by Hartley Enterprises, what they did was fuse two hayabusa's top-ends to a common crankshaft; to make a 75 degree V8. They tested the engine in a Caterham Super 7. It makes 306 wheel horsepower, about 375 flywheel horsepower; Its ONLY a 2.6 Liter engine, and the engine rev's all the way to 10,500 rpm ! they also have a 2.8 Liter version that is even more astounding, the 2.8L makes 400 horsepower and 245 ft-lbs torque. AND THE ENGINE ONLY WEIGHS 200LBS !!!! JUST WAIT TILL THEY MAKE A Supercharger FOR THIS BEAST!!! check the site - http://www.h1v8.com/page/page/1562068.htm

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420 hp Hayabusa Based V8 Powered Radical With Burns Stanless Exhaust
Check out this crazy 480 hp Hayabusa based V-8 powered Radical sports car. Burns Stainless has made a custom Exhaust sporting the signature Burns Stainless Reverse Cone. Listen to the last part of the video, as this machine screams!

1.2L v8 - a little rev

375 hp, 2.6 Liter V8- neighborhood drive
The 375 hp, 2.6 Liter H1V8 is very well mannered and is easily driven on the street. Some have commented that this engine would have little torque at low rpm and believe that a 10,000 rpm red-lined engine would be high strung and difficult to drive on the street. Actually the engine is very well behaved at low speed and there is plenty of torque and power below 5000 rpm. This video shows the low speed characteristics of the engine during a drive thru the neighborhood. Note that the rear wheels easily broke loose below 5000 rpm in 2nd gear. For reference, 2nd gear tops out at 92 mph and max. torque is at 7500 rpm.

Hayabusa V8 engine
My final thesis in Brno University of Technology - CZE. Engine based on suzuki parts. Made in Pro/Engineer 5.0.