Lotus Elise S2 111s Exhaust -- Race

We are the manufacture for this Lotus Elise S2 Exhaust as well as the reseller. This will fit S2, 111 and 111s. Please contact us at jithk@aclub.com if interested.

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Lotus Elise 135R with Larini Club Sport Exhaust
Been on my list of things to do for a while, finally got round to fitting a new Exhaust and induction to my Lotus Elise 135R

Lotus Elise s2 accerelation!
Lotus Elise s2!

Lotus Elise S2 111S Ride
Mart records an awesome Lotus Elise S2 111S. This Lotus has a Honda engine instead of a Toyota engine! The owner has awesome taste! As you can see, the car is yellow with black details! A friend of mine had the opportunity to get a ride in it! Too bad I was too late! Enjoy!

Lotus Elise S2 111S Larini Exhaust & decat - Start Up + Interior