Ps3 Screen Failure

Hey Guys , can you help me with a ps3 problem. my ps3 as you can see, goes on but the screen flickers. it doesn`t stop !!!! . every few sec it goes on , and off . the HDMI cable works perfect for my pc , and normaly it works for the ps3 also. i changed the cable , and i got the same problem. what do i need to do.

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No Picture from a PS3 system
In this video you'll learn what steps to take if your PS3 system isn't displaying an image on the connected television. PlayStation Support: Contact Methods for PlayStation Consumer Service:

ps3 very bad screen flicker
turned on my ps3 today and this happened. wtf. has anyone seen this before and how can i stop it, or do i have to send it to sony ?

PS3 Black Screen Solution (FIXED)
*EVERYONE READ THIS FIRST. Check the comments to see if I already answered a question you have. This solution will also remove the current data from your hard drive, not PSN account. This means videos,music,game saves, and anything you have on your hard drive will be erased. If you want your PS3 working again, then you will have to do this because if you have this specific problem, it means your hard drive is corrupted. Please do not blame your problems on me. I didn't break your PS3. If you would like a new HDMI cable, I would recommend this: This is a very simple tutorial on how to fix a corrupted ps3 hd, A.K.A.^BLACK SCREEN^ If this solution doesn't work, then try holding down the power button until you hear 1 beep after the initial turning on beep. If that works than that just means you had your PS3 set on the wrong resolution, and it resets it.

My PS3 keeps shutting itself off - solution
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