Ps3 Screen Failure

Hey Guys , can you help me with a ps3 problem. my ps3 as you can see, goes on but the screen flickers. it doesn`t stop !!!! . every few sec it goes on , and off . the HDMI cable works perfect for my pc , and normaly it works for the ps3 also. i changed the cable , and i got the same problem. what do i need to do.

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PS3 Black Screen Solution (FIXED)
*EVERYONE READ THIS FIRST. Check the comments to see if I already answered a question you have. This solution will also remove the current data from your hard drive, not PSN account. This means videos,music,game saves, and anything you have on your hard drive will be erased. If you want your PS3 working again, then you will have to do this because if you have this specific problem, it means your hard drive is corrupted. Please do not blame your problems on me. I didn't break your PS3. If you would like a new HDMI cable, I would recommend this: This is a very simple tutorial on how to fix a corrupted ps3 hd, A.K.A.^BLACK SCREEN^ If this solution doesn't work, then try holding down the power button until you hear 1 beep after the initial turning on beep. If that works than that just means you had your PS3 set on the wrong resolution, and it resets it.

How To Fix PS3 Black Screen My Way
How to Fix PS3 Black Screen Video by underfire27 hold pwr button while in standby hear 2 beeps, console goes back into standby turn on again, one beep, then 2 beeps connect controller with USB cable, press center menu pops up solution to black screen 1. scrotor from port-failure.html simply unplug your hdtv

How to fix PS3 flashing tv screen / no video signal
How to fix PS3 flashing flickering static on & off TV picture screen, fixes / resets hdmi video display picture tv screen settings on Sony PS3, it also fixes flashing, flicker, black, snowy image, sparkles in screen & "no signal" problems but if this does not work get Playstation 3 HD component cables

So here's the story: About a week ago my PS3 was working fine until this happened.. I've been using this console for a year and a half, and no I'm not a hardcore gamer so I don't play a lot. Soo I even tried to switch adapters and HDMI cables, yet no luck. As of today I noticed that the yellow dot blinks. I'm not sure if its's my PS3 that's about to die on me. But I'm pretty sure my HDTVs are fine. I tested the same console with 3 different HDTVs, yet the screen flickers on me! Anyone know how to analyze the problem and a solution for free or cheap?? -Regards, raysonhongrh