Ed Archer in his 1915 Model T Speedster at Alice's Restaurant in Woodside, CA

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Speedster Race
Speedster Race

Model T speedster
1920 Model T speedster walk around.

Torie, Travis, David Cruising the Speedsters at Mystic Seaport. Tom Laferriere
Just a short fun video to see the racers in action,

Crank Starting a 1916 Model T Ambulance
This is a video of me crank starting a 1916 WWI Model T ambulance at the Old Kingsbury Aerodrome, www.pioneerflightmuseum.org. This particular vehicle does not have a starter motor and has to be crank started. It had been restored several years ago and then sat untouched, and then could not be started. I tweaked it and played with it and got it running. I have the hood removed in this video in case the engine needed attention. The crank starting procedure I used is one of the many safe crank starting methods.