1998 mustang cobra dyno video

Mustang cobra Dyno video at Big 3 Racing. Big3Racing.net

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98 Cobra on Dynojet chassis dyno
98 Mustang Cobra 310Hp

Fastlane Motorsports - Hellion Turbocharged 98 Mustang Cobra Dyno
Fastlane Motorsports NC, 1-800-457-6166, 76mm turbo, Custom tune, 440hp 5psi

1998 DOHC Mustang Cobra
Spin Tech Exhaust, Borla X-pipe, SCT Tune, and under drive pullies. Compression from 190-184 less then 30k on transmission. Drivetrain for sale. EXCUSE the wet shoes during shifting...

1998 ford mustang cobra dyno
Slp 2.1 kenny bell Dyno