1998 mustang cobra dyno video

Mustang cobra Dyno video at Big 3 Racing. Big3Racing.net

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'98 Cobra N/A 1st Dyno
Dr. Gas o/r x-pipe Custom tune

1998 Mustang Cobra Dyno / tune
This is my 1998 120k mile cobra getting tuned. Mods are: C&L intake, accufab 90mm TB, IMRC delete, x pipe no cats, manga flow Exhaust. Stock gears stock Exhaust manifolds. Will be getting my Nitrous tune once I tuck all the solenoids. Tune was done by Tim at MV Performance. Car started at around 245hp and ended up at 295hp/275tq on a rainy day.

98 cobra 160+ dyno
98 Cobra N/A

1998 mustang cobra dyno
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. Car made 270 on first pull. Made 297 on final pull. Not bad. Tony G. from HP Performance in Orange Park, Florida is the man! My son tagged along. He bleads blue, just like his daddy...