700hp CTS-V Blow By

700hp CTS-V blow by while doing 140kmh

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CTS-V does a Nasty Burnout
One of our customers came by the shop to get his new Drag radials put on, so of course an obligatory shredding of the old ones were in order. During the second burnout it also kicked a fairly large rock into the camera, thankfully it missed the glass of the lens. Enjoy!

700whp CTS-V Sedan Dyno Wars Tune Time Performance
Watch as this Built, ZR1 Blown, Racegas CTSV puts down over 700whp at Dyno Wars! Check back soon to see it in action with the addition of Nitrous. 8sec passes coming soon?

2016 Hellcat battles CTS-V Cadillac-1/4 mile drag race
Wheels,the best drag races between Hellcat Challenger and CTS-V Cadillac. The best of american muscle cars,drag race,Exhaust sound,burnout top speed and acceleration.

700hp cts v coupe manual
610rwhp 9.5 lower pulley, headers, xpipe, no cats, 2 gallon reservoir, airraid, tr6 plugs, 160 stat