Pulse jet go kart for sale!!!! -SOLD

This engine is sold.

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Jet powerd kart doing its stuff

Jet Kart !!!
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Huge Pulsejet Engine Blows Cold Air
http://www.PulseJetEngines.com This video is from a few years ago. Since then I have had comments from lots of people going "I dare you to stick your finger in an engine." We'll I already have, though I dont recommend it because if you cause the engine to stop running, it could flame out and cook your hand. The Thermalpulse 180 design has an extremely wide throttle range, much higher than any other design. The engine can be run at such a low throttle level that the intake Exhaust flow only blows cold air, all heat goes out the tail. The propane tank was nearly empty and I was finishing it off before getting it refilled. Low throttle it runs on vapor, then I tip the tank to feed it liquid propane, there is not much liquid in the tank and I kind of slosh the tank around to get the liquid to come out, and you can see the engine reving up and down from vapor to liquid several times a second. The engine has a huge throttle range, and can be throttled from minimum to max throttle very quickly, as seen by the sloshing fuel flow throttling. Dont try this at home... for those of you who just happen to have a pulsejet sitting around.

Stirling Engine Powered Canoe
Julian Wood's self-built triple transferator hot-air engine powers his canoe at Thames Traditional Boat Rally. 18th July 2009. Henley on Thames. Transferator engine is made from stainless steel food storage jars. Heat is supplied to engine from propane gas burner located below the hot-caps. One of two Stirling and hot-air engine powered boats taking part at the 32nd Thames Traditional Boat Rally, 2009.