Supercharged Z06 idle

Comp Cams 231/235 on 115 LSA duration at idle

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Ryan L's 2003 Z06 Idle, Comp Cam, Headers, Borla Stingers
224/230 113+2 XFI Comp Cam idle clip with Dyno sheet.

'04 Corvette Z06 Comp Cam 236/238 601/605 113lsa idle vid
Car made 453hp/410tq Dynoed by G-Force Comp Cam 236/238 601/605 113lsa PRC Dual Valve Springs Hardened Pushrods Dual Timing Chain ASP UD Pulley Ported LS6 Oil Pump 160 Deg. Thermostat MSD Spark Plug Wires/NGK Spark Plugs FAST 90/LS2 TB Halltech Air Bridge Vararam Intake TSP Longtubes/Off Road X Corsa Extreme CatBack LS7 Clutch/Flywheel DTE Rear End Brace

C5 Z06 223/227 Cam idle
Custom Comp Cam LSL lobes 223/227.610/.614 114+2 LSA . Stock LS6 heads CNC'd and milled, 5-way valve job. PAC 1518 Beehives, Fast102 and NW 102TB, Halltech KillerBee II , ATI 10% UD, ARH 1 3/4 Headers, Borla Stingers. 468rwhp/421rwtq on Dyno-mite Dyno.

Corvette C5 EPS 222/226 115 idling
AI heads, LS6 intake, Melrose Long Tube headers, stock (sleeper mufflers)