Our 1972 Vega Racing, July.2nd, Gimli

My mom drag racing our 1972 vega on July 2nd at Gimli Dragway. Vega has 478HP. 1/4 mile time- 11.58

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TEXAS Bad Boy Vega at evadale

1972 Vega Drag Racing Racelegal.com 4-18-2014
Friday night drag racing at qualcomm stadium 1972 Vega Drag Racing Racelegal.com RaceLegal, the safer and sanctioned track alternative to illegal street racing, was developed with one goal in mind. Saving the needless loss of young lives to an illegal street race gone bad is RaceLegal's mantra. To that end we have been remarkably effective. The concept was one of providing a youth oriented environment in a neutral and centrally located location where we could replicate a street environment, but with safer and sanctioned conditions that insured the safety of our racers and their fans. The under pinning is one of skillfully redirecting illegal street racing behavior to the safer and sanctioned sport of drag racing in a youth oriented setting. As sated above, the results are impressive

Vega Racing Oct 2011
Here is some clips put together of me racing at Grove Creek with a 76 Vega with street tires, pump gas and no Nitrous. I now need to be NHRA certified to run any faster and it still has more in it. Engine is BBC 540 cid. Best time in eighth so far is 6.29 at 111mph

Bad Ass Vega
1972 Vega, 2007 Season recap.