The Mark of a Pool Shark

A rather grainy version of a video project I did for school. In the second greatest underdog story of our time, a small time pool hustler from the mean street of Amulet must battle a fiery new champion for the respect he continues to lose with age. To be triumphant, he'll need speed. He doesn't have it. He has calcium deposits on most of his joints, so practice is out. Can this former champion muster the courage to be victorious on the green felt once again?

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Secrets of Pool Hustling
Ever dream of making big bucks hustling suckers for cash in pool halls? Let Pretty Boy Floyd, Shembugenwauk County champion and master of disguises show you the secrets of lining up the marks right where you want 'em, and getting that big wad of CASH!

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How to Shoot a Powerful Draw Shot (Pool Lessons)
This video teaches you all you need to know to draw the cue ball the length of the pool table. This video is intended for players of all levels. It teaches beginners how to play a draw shot and shows intermediate and advanced players ways to improve their draw shot. Please enjoy and share with your friends.

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