The Mark of a Pool Shark

A rather grainy version of a video project I did for school. In the second greatest underdog story of our time, a small time pool hustler from the mean street of Amulet must battle a fiery new champion for the respect he continues to lose with age. To be triumphant, he'll need speed. He doesn't have it. He has calcium deposits on most of his joints, so practice is out. Can this former champion muster the courage to be victorious on the green felt once again?

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Pool Hall scams! - Scam School
NEW SCAM SCHOOL EPISODE!! 2 pool hall scams guaranteed to win you some cash!

The Greatest Hustler of all Time
It took a detour of about six hundred miles to meet our friend, "Moves" in a pool hall somewhere in Texas. Moves is a retired player who, as a kid, worked with Titanic Thompson, arguably the greatest hustler of all time. Moves learned all of Thompson's tricks and even practiced them to perfection. "Ty" was as clever as he was skillful and could talk anyone into anything, when given the chance. Recent books have told parts of the Titanic Thompson story but this is a first hand account of the man himself from someone who knew him well and climbed a lot of ladders to help get the money. We've hidden his face so as not to advertise his identity. More interviews with Moves are on the way, exclusively for members of the Unreal Sessions. Join the session at

25 Sickest Pool Trick Shots
The 25 Sickest Pool Trick Shots ever starring beautiful women, jump shots, crazy masses, unbelievable shot making and unreal situations made in conjunction with our friends from Call shot good to me maybe. Subscribe to both channels or visit us at

Landon Shuffett vs Earl Strickland in the Diamond 10-Ball 10 Foot Challenge
Landon Shuffett vs Earl Strickland in the Diamond 10-Ball 10 Foot Table Challenge at the Southern Classic produced by Diamond Billiards and hosted by Harrah's Casino in Tunica, MS. Special thanks to aign=Kamui%2BClassic