BIG RED Skyline R32 GTSt Wild Sandown laps HD

Wild laps of Sandown Raceway in my BIG RED R32 skyline GTSt. RB25 280kw High Def. Find out more about this car on Big Red Racing facebook page facebook/teambigred

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BIGRED Wide Body R32 Skyline HKS RB28 Dyno run
My R32 on the Dyno for the first time with its new HKS 2.8lt motor. Easy 400kw on pump fuel.

Big Red R32 GTSt at Sandown
My R32 Skyline wide body's first visit to Sandown

WTAC 2012 Big Red R32 Skyline Fast Lap
This was our fastest timed lap at World Time Attack 2012 at Eastern Creek. Despite a slipping clutch and handling issues we managed a 1:35.4

Sandown fast lap R32 Skyline GTSt
My fastest lap at Sandown 1 August 2010