(502whp) Bullseyes Civic TypeR "Kuwait"

Honda Civic TypeR with Bulleyes S366 turbo/Full-Race making 502whp@16psi and 463whp@14psi on Dyno jet Tuned by Bader Dashti

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S366 Civic From HELL Part 2 (2011)
Excuse the laughing sound effect at 1:03 1993 Coupe Built Engine, Head. BWS366 turbo..

715whp, 418tq EK civic from Bahrain
built turbo B18C Ek civic with full interior, 8 posint roll cage and stock fuel tank. benson sleeved b18c block, gsr crank shaft, cp pistons 81.5mm, eagle rods, b16 head, gsr camshaft w/stock valves. jg edelbroke intake manifold, 65mm throttle body, full race turbo kit, borg warner t3/s366 turbo, 2.5 IC piping, 44mm wg, 50mm bov, id 2200cc injectors and walbro intank fuel pump, hondata s300. the car made 715whp and 418wtq on 38+ psi. the inj duty was 100% on 8600rpm. tuned by Hadi Albloushi. the car can made more hp on lower Boost with larger parts such as intake manifold, throttle body, bigger ic, bigger ic piping and new fuel setup. so 9 second is possible with this car. in this race the car ended the 4th gear be4 the finish line.

Honda civic ep3 Type R 2003 Kuwait
befor upgrade turbo kits

Turbo Civic EG from KSA goes deep 10sec in BDRC.
simple built 93 EG civic, actually i can not give any further details about the build. thats the owner request. the build is very simple, b18c block, pistons w/rods, p72 head, turbo kit, @24psi the car made will over 500+whp and 300+wtq.