Rear Disk Conversion From Drum Brakes On Grand Am

These are the item you need to do a Rear Disk swap from the Drum Brake system, Also, forgot to mention the "Backing Plates'. Ask if you wanna know anything :) This was done on a 99 Grand Am SE with the Drum Brakes, it is now Converted to Rear Disks. Check out my other video(s). See the Step-by-step Process of this on

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Prime Choice Strut Tek Suspension & Hubs
This is my new suspension upgrade and hope fully all goes well, this is my first time buying any type of quick strut for my vehicle. Bought these from a company on ebay called "Pattersonautoparts". very good price and apparently high quality product. the hubs look like they will work good as well. - 2 front quick struts - 2 rear quick struts - 2 front hubs - 2 rear hubs

1968 Pontiac Catalina Drum To Disc Brake Conversion Part 04
Or, "Fun With Tie Rods." I learn how to use a pickle fork to get my tie rod loose from my center link. NOTE! The inner tie rods are reverse threaded, so if you try and take it off counterclockwise, you're just tightening it.

grand am front disc brakes- joetheautoguy
so this a video on how to replace the disc brakes on the front of the pontiac grand am , as long as some other models of gm i.e. malibu,etc. its a pretty straight forward video and one thing i forgot was showing replacing the hardware and cleaning the slides but this is a crucial step to any brake job FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @joetheautoguy INSTAGRAM @joetheautoguy BLOG

Grand Am Drum Brakes