Renault Laguna II 1,8 16V Problem...

Renault Laguna 2 1,8 16V Problem... Fehler Tritt ab und zu auf... nach 15 min Stillstand is er nach Neustarten des Autos, wieder weg... läuft dann wieder 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 tage oder sogar wochenlang ohne probleme und dann aufeimal wieder da....

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2002 Renault Laguna II 1.8 16v revving
2002 Renault Laguna II 1.8 16v 120HP revving inside and outside. Thanks for watching ;) Follow me on Twitter : Add me on FaceBook : Don't forget to comment,rate&subscribe ;)

RENAULT LAGUNA II -problem with ignition
Hi. My car is Laguna 2 phase 1 1.8 petrol 121 HP produced 2002-Initiale. The problem is the following: -when I put the card has no contact to the dashboard, radio works, clock, the windows work, unlocks and locks with the map and the buttons too, and nothing else. -red light glows steadily. -when I put the other card, again nothing . -the steering wheel is not locked. -freaked out terminals of battery for about 15-20 min, again nothing. Problem Solved Cleaning up connections,checking fuses and accidentally i press with the finger to a relays which are located on the block with fuses on the back side, the dashboard flashed ,suddenly contact is came to the dashboard, I pressed the start button and the car started, now everything is O'K . This is the place and the relay of press: The problem sometimes is repeated, but when I will knock Relay, problem disappears.

Renault Laguna II - Dashboard Self-test
2001 Renault Laguna II 1.6i 16v Privilége dashboard self-test. You can access this function by pressing the button on the right tip and then inserting the Renault card.

renault laguna self test