1992 Pontiac Firebird 5.7 V8 acceleration wet road

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1992 5.7 V8 TBI Pontiac Firebird - Przyspieszenie od 0 do ponad 200 km/h
1992 5.7 V8 TBI Pontiac Firebird - Przyspieszenie od 0 do ponad 200 km/h, na początku poślizg, wchodzi 2 bieg, stąd nie jest to maksymalne przyspieszenie, potem za szybko wchodzi 4. Efekt chyba i tak nie najgorszy. Skrzynia ustawiona bardziej do jazdy momentem, niż mocą maksymalną

1982 trans am 0-60
my trans am with a mild 355 doing 0-60..fast but not quite enough gettin heads pretty soon

1991 Formula Firebird WS6 0-60 0-100 Acceleration & Walkaround
Just a brief video of my new Firebird. Has a brief walkaround and a little 0-100 pull at near WOT with a very babied launch (tranny is still being broken in so I'm being easy on it) 350 TPI with 57,000 miles on it pulled out of a 92 firebird (245 crank ponies stock) Has a intake/chip/mild cam/Exhaust/global west subframe connectors backed by the WS6 suspension. Tranny has a B&M Shift Kit. Body of the car has 120,000 on it - odometer reads different because the current gauge cluster which is a 140mph cluster was swapped in for the old 120mph one. I'm basically enjoying driving it for a few months before I put it into winter storage and begin working to restore/fix the worst parts of the car - basically being the floorpans and the interior. Have seat covers for the seats now but am going to pull the leather seats out of a 4th gen fbody to replace the current ones. Needs a few other minor things - going to fix some rust as well. Overall, I bought it for $2700 - I can't complain!

Pontiac Firebird 3.1 V6 92 er, Acceleration
Mein Firebird beim "anfahren" :)