ZZPerformance Dyno Time

A short video of some Dyno tuning going on here at ZZPerformance! Don't forget to rate, comment, and subscribe!

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ZZP GTP Squirter fun
ZZPerformance.com team has some of the best customers, with the coolest custom mods... This Grand Prix GTP has a water spray kit located in front of the grills on the bumper. Because everyone loves a water squirter on a hot day in the shop..

Grand Prix XP Cam Dyno at ZZPerformance (~300BHP)
First to pulls were on a 3.3" pulley, but with nearly 10* of KR we dropped it to a 3.4. That resulted in less HP, but 0 KR. Taking losses through the transmission into consideration, it makes about 300 HP at the crank. Mod List: ZZP Power Log ZZP Ported Rear Manifold ZZP Ceramic Coated Connector Pipe ZZP Catless Downpipe ZZP 3" Stainless Exhaust 3.4" MPS Pulley X-P HOT Cam Crow Cams Valve Springs 140 lb ZZP Modified Valve Spring Retainers Rollmaster Double Timing Set Machined Oil Pump Cover MSD Coils ZZP 10.5 mm Wires AL-103 Plugs 180 T-Stat Since this Dyno run I have made a better looking intake with a larger cone. I am also running 245/50 R16 Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval Indy 500 tires.

ZZP Cadillac ATS Giveaway
ZZPerformance.com is giving away a ZZP Cadillac ATS and 1 year sponsorship. Stay tuned for more details!

April Fab teaser 30 Sec at ZZP V two