stock SOHC vtec del sol burnout.

lil burnout-110 new paved road

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Honda CRX del sol burnout
IGM 2008 07 13

Honda Delsol Burnout by Franco
Burnout en la caravana del 3er aniversario de Guayanés Taxi en Peñuelas Puerto Rico el Honda de Franco demostrando en Peñuelas que hay Cría!*

1996 Honda Del Sol Burnout (IN HD)
cory gindlesperger does a burnout in a honda del sol

1992 cammed ford f150 flare side for sale in louisiana $1800$
this truck for sale is a 1992 ford f150 flare side for 1800$ with true duals no cats, and its got a glasspack into a hollowed out cherry bomb muffler nolthin in the mufflers at all its got a mild cam it has a sloww rear main seal leak and it smokes a lil on startup but its a good truck $1800. ITS LOUDD