stock SOHC vtec del sol burnout.

lil burnout-110 new paved road

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S2000 vs Del Sol
Stock S2000 vs Del Sol B16 with i/h/e

Del Sol EH6 SOHC VTEC Sound
Sound of my D16y8 SOHC VTEC Engine

1992 cammed ford f150 flare side for sale in louisiana $1800$
this truck for sale is a 1992 ford f150 flare side for 1800$ with true duals no cats, and its got a glasspack into a hollowed out cherry bomb muffler nolthin in the mufflers at all its got a mild cam it has a sloww rear main seal leak and it smokes a lil on startup but its a good truck $1800. ITS LOUDD

Honda CRX del sol burnout
IGM 2008 07 13