1967 GTO Kanata Cruise July 24

A very fine example of a '67 GTO, 461 stroker (400), four speed car with American Racing wheels and 3" Exhaust all the way back. Built by Dave Stoddard in Ottawa. http://www.storm.ca/~moparman

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'69 340 Cuda
Very nice example but kudos to Slippy for spotting the upside down fish on the rear of the car though. http://www.storm.ca/~moparman

Beautiful 1967 GTO 4 Speed Muscle Car For Sale!
Protecto Plate! Call Jeff Whitaker 410-562-9319 www.carsbyjeff.net

Dean's '66 Belvedere convertible - Kanata Cruise
Deano's feeding the animals next to his gorgeous 1966 Belvedere six cylinder (!) convertible. Nice ride. http://www.storm.ca/~moparman

Rod's Plum Crazy '69 340 Dart four speed
Kanata cruise 24.7.07. "Regular Rod" deserves an award for being there every week. A lovely hue to his plum if you don't mind me being so forward. http://www.storm.ca/~moparman