Tony Pond IOM TT Challenge Rover Vitesse 100mph lap record

In 1990 Tony Pond one of the greatest British drivers laps the Isle of Man TT course in a Rover 827 Vitesse averaging 102 mph. For me this is an incredible lap in a car that is far better than it was given credit for. Can you imagine someone trying that in a Ford Granada or BMW 520 or Citroen, Renault, Vauxhall or any other similar priced cars in the Rover price range. As said below by liverush24 this was to show how good the Rover is and at the same time Tony Pond showed how brilliant a driver he is. He did that lap with an average of over 100mph through those narrow lanes and country roads, find other 100mph average laps and get a true perspective of the achievement. Higgins lap to is impressive and a great achievement but done in a modern lightweight state of the art, turbo charged rally car with computer controlled 4 wheel drive to save you in big moments, ABS etc etc, Ponds lap is in an 80's front wheel drive production car with a about 180hp, that is truly brilliant.

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On board a Morris Marina 1.3 Coupe in 1992

Brands Hatch Track day 2 BMW Renault Megane Clio Peugeot Mazda Porsche Lotus Caterham Rover 8 9 15
On board my Rover 820 Vitesse at Brands Hatch 8.9.15. Lap 4 Oil on the track at the exit of Druids and through Graham Hill bend, several cars span. I thought I had a puncture and pitted. My second track event at Brands in the Rover, still learning the circuit and a few issues with the car but a great evening on track with some fantastic cars and drivers.

Renault Megane 225 Santa Pod stage 1
On board a Renault Megane 225 at Santa Pod RWYB May 2014. best time 13.9 @ 102 mph with stage 1 map and decat