Busa vs harley

Hayabusa vs Harley at the drag

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Police CHASE Motorcycle Bike VS Cop Actual Dash Cam Video Motorbike Brake Checks Cops Gets Away
Insane high speed police chase actual dash cam footage of motorcycle stunt bike rider running from law enforcement in Dallas, TX. Watch as this crazy motorcycle stunt bike rider taunts cops chasing a large group of motorcycles performing stunts check out what was caught on camera from inside police officer patrol car from the real dash cam video. This video clip also even has a happy ending the rider is not caught after teasing & clowning on the police for about 3:30 minutes the rider grows bored & tried of cops flashing there light & following him so i out runs the cop cars and gets away. The motorbike stunt rider is never caught. In this video clip you can also see other bikers flea the scene passing the insane stunt bike motorcyclist just messing with them. Please SHARE & LIKE Video!!! SUBSCRIBE Blox Starz TV For NEW Videos http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=bloxstarzlifestyle WATCH More Police Chase Motorcycle VIDEOS Official Blox Starz TV PLAYLIST Click Link Below!!! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwyv96l14uwkDbPeVVnQf5_VSbNeDga-C Visit Blox Starz Official Web Site http://bloxstarzlifestyle.com CONNECT With Blox Starz Instagram: http://instagram.com/bloxstarz Facebook: http://facebook.com/bloxstarz Twitter: http://twitter.com/bloxstarz Google+: http://google.com/+bloxstarzlifestyle

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Hayabusa vs HARLEY - Ultimate MISMATCH Drag Race
A Hayabusa races a Harley in this awesome footage. This is an 1/8 mile drag in Laughlin and was open to amateur riders. Amazing difference in acceleration, the Harley had many high performance mods done to it. It's quite a mis-matched race!

Top Fuel Nitro Motorcycle Import vs Harley - Larry "Spiderman" Mcbride 5.83et @ 232mph
Dragbike Live was on location at the Manufacturers Cup Finals held November 12-14 2010 at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Georgia when Top Fuel Nitro motorcycle legendary drag racer Larry "Spiderman" Mcbride against V-Twin Top Fuel Harley rider Tommy Grimes aboard the Ray Price Top Fuel Nitro entry met in the final round. Mcbride ran an incredible 5.830 elapsed time at 232.75 miles per hour for the win! This was a historic final round,marking the first time a V-Twin Top Fuel Nitro burner would face off against an import Top Fuel Nitro Methane injected drag bike.