Mopar Chrysler Lebaron 11.67 vs Dodge Shadow 10.79

Mopar Chrysler Lebaron 2.2L turbo vs Dodge Shadow 2.4L turbo

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Turbo Mopar cam timing part 1
Set the timing of your 2.2/2.5 the easy way

Chrysler LeBaron 2.2L Turbo Engine Test
An early run after my LeBaron had been in a garage for about half a year, swapping the 2.5L n/a engine for a 2.2L turbo engine. It turned out to be one of the worst ideas I ever had, as the new engine broke down at a highway after only one week. But anyway, enjoy the smoke =)

This is definitely no ordinary Dodge Shadow; Dave and Shirley Ziolkowski created a monster in their home garage! Hear the raw power of this 528ci 800 hp as she cruises thru the local neighborhoods. A consistent first-place trophy winner with detail galore.

Our 1990 USA Chrysler LeBaron 2 door coupe 2.2 turbo car We have owned this white 1990 Chrysler Lebaron 2.2 turbo 2 door coupe since August 2004. We live in Essex, England and have never seen another one like it. Over here we have seen a few convertibles, which are apparently more common. This is our other more 'modern' white Chrysler automatic, as we also own the only 1961 4 door hard top Chrysler New Yorker in UK. The Lebaron is known as the 'Phantom' in Mexico.