MR2 3SGTE vs Silvia 2JZGTE

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SILVIA 900 hp vs Mr2

turbo celica! (3sgte)
just swapped my 1999 celica with a gen4 3sgte tubro motor! loving it so far figured id make an introduction video. mods: -full Exhaust - catless -upgraded fuel pump - intake mounted a custom hood scoop for the Intercooler song: Just a Gent - Interminable (Azion Remix) IG: bryanhachey

3sgte swapped Celica first run! Playlist of other videos on the car Ok, it's not the actual first time running it. But it is within the first couple hours of the first run. Had to adjust some air/fuel ratios at idle and check it for leaks before making a video.

3SGTE assembly
Blew my head gasket and decided to build my bottom end. Some would call that an excuse to do so... meh.